Amilie Devault
Animal artist

With a lifelong passion for both art and wildlife, becoming an animal portrait artist has always been her calling. Self-taught artist, her work is mainly done with soft pastels but she also does graphite drawings. Originally from Quebec, she is based in France.


Pastel paintings

The pigments used in pastels, are similar to those used to produce some other colored media, such as, oil paints.

Luxurious colors, rich tones, bright highlights and a velvety texture, make pastels an emotive and bold media. Used on a support such as textured paper, if properly taken care of, your painting will last for many lifetimes. Pastel is one of the most permanent art mediums in existence.

Peter,s bear.jpeg


To commission a custom animal or landscape, please get in touch by Email, WhatsApp or Instagram. All project is unique and will be considered individually. Once all the information is received and depending on the season, animal pastel paintings will be completed and shipped within two to three weeks.